What a beautiful weekend in Devon!  I got to surf Croyde and Woolacombe, eat scones with clotted cream and jam, drink desperadoes (wasn’t the same without the WakeGirls), surf in fog so thick you couldn’t see the shore, sunbathe and hang out with Nalu Beads 🙂

It was so foggy that to surf check, I had to walk right to the waters edge to just make out the waves breaking.. even then I could hardly see them!  Surfing in the fog was very erie, I couldn’t see the shore or what waves were coming until they were about 40 yards away. The ocean was like glass and the fog and water all blended into one as the sunlight was trying to shine through, it was like being on another planet or something.  I’m amazed to have experienced that as I never would have thought I’d surf in such conditions – I was bricking it most of the time!

Here are a few pics 🙂


Just as I came in and were walking up the beach, the fog just lifted, just like that.  The sun came out and you could see how clean the waves were.. and then it got busy!  I got the opportunity to get my post surf eat on, and to catch some rays in the lovely March sun.



Sorry there are no surfing pics – I need to recruit a photographer – although you wouldn’t have been able to see anything anyway.. too much fog!

Love Devon, till next time…

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