Throw It Down

I got the monthly cover on Throw it Down and I’m super stoked!  Thanks guys!

For those of you who don’t know, TID is a girls specific wakeboard website run by a bunch of riders from around the globe who are passionate about progressing women’s riding.  One of them happens to be Jen GilanFarr who is four times World Wakeskate Champion.  It brings you up to date news about whats happening on the girls wake scene, from what comps are on, where the chicks clinics are, the latest edits and much more.  It also brings together riders from around the world (the site is based in the US) where they each have an online profile.  The best thing is that they love to hear from fellow wakeboarders/wakeskaters and are open to people contributing, so get involved and help push the sport forward!

So happy to be on the cover this month, massive thanks TID!  The photo was taken by Nik Green of Watersports World at Wakestock 2011.  It was on the pool gap during the mystic photoshoot for the 2012 kit, we then went on to do a night shoot which was fun but scary!

Check out my profile here!

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