Heavy Weights

My next training session with KURUP FIT came around and Sharm changed it up again.  This week she took me to a gym.  I’ve been in a gym once in the past three years maybe, only because my friend took me to zumba which actually turned out to be spinning!  I’m not going to lie, I was pretty excited about being beasted round a gym for a morning, and the fact it was going to be warm was very appealing, especially as we usually train outside and its freezing at the moment!

We got straight into a warm up to get everything working properly.  We then spent half an hour doing just three exercises that worked the entire body, and I was lifting weights that I would honestly never even think of lifting!  The reason these big exercises were done first is because you’re at your peak, if you tried to do them at the end of a work out you just don’t have the same energy levels and so they wouldn’t be as beneficial.  After I felt like I had pumped my body up we went through other exercises that focussed on arms and legs while strengthening the core at the same time.  We spent time using the balance balls and focussing on the core, which made me nearly hurl!  The last thing on the list was for me to have a rowing race against Sharm.. I was like, yeah cool, rowing’s fun..  Well it was fun but hard!!  We only raced for six minutes but varied it and ‘sprinted’ during parts of the race.  When it was over I actually fell off the rowing machine in exhaustion reaching for my water bottle.. and then had to run at speed to warm down! It was the hardest I’ve ever worked in a gym and I loved every minute of it!


It was good to have a gym session to mix things up from training outside most of the time.  I learnt a lot about gym work this session and whats beneficial and whats not. Sharm also knows how to get the most out of a work out and she explains this as you’re training, which I like because I’m interested in knowing the reasons behind why you do things and why its good/bad for you.

I’m hurting today but I’m still looking forward to my next training session!

If you want a trainer who will work with you towards your goals, give you the confidence to do exercises you didn’t think you could do, keep it interesting and fun for you..?  Contact Sharm:  Kurup Fit – sharmy@kurupfit.co.uk – 07968854397

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