Double Trouble

Time for another training session with Sharm of Kurup Fit, but this time with a twist. The twist being that Sarah Kingdom and I were doing a double session together.  Neither of us had done this before, but we were really looking forward to it knowing that it would be fun to go through the pain together!  We did a long warm up to get our muscles working as it was sunny but cold and then straight into a training session of new exercises to work into our circuits.  This brought tears to our eyes trying to learn one exercise that Sarah and I had to do together but alternate it, and I hate to admit that it took us a few attempts to perfect it!

We got into our circuits full of enthusiasm which quickly wore away as the pain set in! We worked on the shoulders with kettlebells, tricep and biceps, stomach, press-ups, v-sits with rotations, calves.. actually, it was a full body workout and it was hard!  Lots of short bursts of cardio as well.  It was different working out with a partner as you have to concentrate on the alternations of your exercises; fun but very hard work, which is what we’re there for!

After circuits, Sharm took us through a warm down and numerous different stretches to make sure we would minimise any muscle pain.  The session was really constructive and Sharm had planned it so we would both get the most out of it we possibly could.  We worked hard and I’m definitely feeling it now!

After the session I had a chance to catch up with Sharm about my food diary.  I recorded what I ate for a week and Sharm took it away and analysed it.  We went through the results and I was pleased to hear that I’m not far off an ideal diet for what I’m doing.  I have just tweaked a few things to tailor it to give me more energy and to get my muscles to repair quicker.

If you feel like you need a boost this year and want to work towards specific goals like getting fitter or stronger, or generally upping your fitness and energy levels, contact Sharm of Kurup Fit for some positive, fun and very beneficial training sessions!

Sharm at Kurup Fit – – 07968854397

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