Friday 13th

Friday 13th.  This day has been unlucky for me in the past, I went into a knee opp with the aim to walk out and ended up being non-weight baring for eight weeks, followed by months of physio learning how to walk again and building my leg back to double its pathetic wasted size..

HOWEVER, this time around, Friday 13th was a very lucky day for me!  I got to ride in the Girls Demo in the London Boat Show.  The plan for the day was a warm up from 9-10am for us to get used to the System 2.0.  Then a Wide-A-Wake talk with Sarah Kingdom at 11am.  After lunch it was the Girls Demo in the action pool followed by another WAW talk which Sarah got us involved in.  Its was a great experience and so much fun riding with Steph Caller, Chloe Goudie and Kirsteen Mitchell.  The pool was a good set up and the System 2.0 was ridiculously fun because you got so much height on it! Here are some pics thanks to Kay Ransom:

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