Wake Girls Go…. Surfing

The UK wake season is over… what is one to do?! 

When the winter gets under way in England I don’t hang up my board, but also don’t have the luxury of heading away for six months to live the dream of an endless summer.  So like a few other die hards, I ride through the winter donning the wetsuit gloves, socks and a good 5.4mm wettie – I’m not going to lie, this sucks and the water feels unbelievably like concrete.  However, in the frostier months, I wax up my surfboard as an alternative form of water activity and head to the coast (or away for a cheeky week somewhere in Europe) for a boardsport fix.  This is when the waves get better anyway; total shite in the summer unless you’re lucky.  So I thought I would see what the other wakeboard girls thought of my other passion….

I sent the facebook message out to the girls (Steph Caller, Sarah Kingdom, Jules Haley, Tor Young and Sophie Cordrey) and everyone jumped at it.  The more we spoke about it the more the levels of excitment were rising, especially as I hadn’t told the girls any details apart from head to The Thatch for Friday night and bring a wetsuit.  We all met up for one too many bevvies and a catch up, and then headed to our lovely Inglenook Cottage which was epic!!

After a comfy nights kip we met up with Lisa from Nalu Beads and Rob Tibbles who’s an awesome surf photographer based in North Devon.  He was around all day to capture our girly surf trip, and had us all laughing most of the time!  We headed to Surfing Croyde Bay Surf School where our instructor Rae was ready for our surf lesson on the specially made beach.  Surfboard riding time!  Everyone was either laughing or nearly drowning and all I could see was big blue foamies flying up in the air!  The girls were getting on really well and all mastering standing up and starting to turn.  After a couple of hours surfing in the sun, fuel was needed so we dried off and legged it to Blue Groove for some amazing tasting grub.

Our second surf of the day was much better.  The tide was on the push and the waves were a bit bigger and more powerful, I personally had my best ever session at Croyde that afternoon so I was stoked!!  Rob was in the water with us with a Go-Pro, fingers crossed the footage came out ok!  The girls were ripping it up as well… inbetween laughing!

After some showers, some Lion King and some beers, we headed for more beers at The Thatch which is the famous hang out in Croyde, which on a Saturday night is heaving!  The night was filled with copious amounts of  good food and more Desperados than I care to remember… even a few games and surfers….   But I’m not getting into that!

Day two of our Wake Girls Go… Surfing trip!  We had a bit of a lay in followed by a fry up to nurse our Desperado heads.  We headed to Surfing Croyde Bay’s roof terrace where Nalu Beads had put on a workshop for us so the girls got busy making bracelets and necklaces with their beads.  Just as we finished up Rae and the team laid on an amazing spread of homemade scones with clotted cream and jam, topped off with a pot of tea.  We copied Lisa’s skills on how to make our scones properly.. more thought goes into it than you think!  Nothing compares to cream teas from Devon as great fuel for getting our wetties back on to go surfing again before having to face the drive home.

The weekend couldn’t have gone better and it wouldn’t have happened without the help of Lisa from Nalu Beads, photograper Rob Tibbles and Rae and the team from Surfing Croyde Bay Surf School (who also sent us off with a proper Devon Pasty!!).  Massive thanks to everyone who was involved and made it possible for the Wake Girls to Go… Surfing!!

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