FLOW Girls Day

On Saturday it was the FLOW girls day to support and raise awarness for breast care and ovarian cancer research.  There was everything going on from wakeboarding to SUP’ping, yoga to windsurfing, Nalu Beads workshops to home made cakes… and to top it all off, the sun came out to play 🙂

I turned up to find a glassy lagoon which is home to he new System 2.0 down in Hove.  There were girls doing yoga on the grass facing the lagoon before they started their water activities so I had time to catch up and have a coffee with Team Nalu.  Not a bad way to start the day!

The more experienced wakeboarders were the first group to head out on the System 2.0.  It was really good to see some familiar faces from the ladies mornings at various lakes in this group!  They were rocking it and most of them were hitting the lush fun box which was their first obstical ever!  Its a great way of learning as the cable speed can be lowered to make it feel less daunting.  There were women who were completely new to wakeboarding also who did really well.  The System 2.0 is a fantastic learning tool (along with Rach the driver/instructor!) as it allows people to find their feet mush faster than a cable due to the speed control for the indevidual.

I was also in the Nalu tent as we were running a workshop all day.  The girls were loving it and we were always busy with so many different creations going on! 

It was a fansastic day, massive thanks to Amy from FLOW who organised the event!!

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