BEP Ladies Morning

At 9am on Sunday morning the ladies session at BEP was kicking off.  I turned up to find the 10 – 15 regulars but also about 15 – 20 new faces which was brilliant!  It was a hectic session but it was brilliant to see so many new girls wanting to get involved! 

Some were kneeboarding and then stepping it up to an easy-up wakeboard, most were getting up and to the first corner.  A few ladies had been wakeboarding a bit before and were mastering the cable and corner four.  Everyone was trying something new.

Props go out to Sue who was hitting the inside kicker on her toeside, Sharm, Louise and Kathryn who were all over the new rooftop and Ash who was trying raleys!  Of course it wouldn’t have been a ladies morning without some little goodies to give away.  Nadine won the Two Seasons vouchers because at last months chicks session at WakeMK, she took a front edge that left her with a black eye and a swollen lip/face, but this time around she was looking loads more confident on the water and riding around as if nothing had ever happened!  The Nalu Beads prize went to new comer, Connie!  She did really well and quietly just kept getting better and better throughout the two hour session.  Well done ladies!!

Massive well done and thank you to all the girls who have got involved with the Ladies Mornings at BEP over the summer, you guys make it so much fun to coach 🙂 

See you all soon!! xx

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