Chicks Sesh at WakeMK

On Sunday 8th May, it was the first girls ride only session down at WakeMK.  It was such a great turnout for the first one so we were stoked and ready to shred!  The girls were so up for throwing themselves around and trying new tricks, it was great to see.  There was always a few girls walking back from the kickers trying spins, scarecrows and tantrums.  The dock was empty most of the time as all the girls were either on the water or swimming back from an obstacle.

The girls who were shredding!

                                                                                                                                                          The great thing about WakeMK is that I am able to double up with girls who want on the water coaching.  If a girl want to hit a slider for the first time I can go out with them and show them the cut and how bent your knees have to be etc, and then I am there with them when they hit it to boost their conficence.  I took Jasmine out to hit the A-frame and she did so well, getting over on her edge more and nearly getting to the end!  Chloe took Kelly out as she has just landed her first few raleys and caught a nasty edge last week, so Chloe did a couple and then Kelly busted out a couple!  Yeeah!

I had a couple of goodies to give away.  I gave Emma some Two Seasons vouchers as she landed switch blind 360’s, nice going!  And Kathryn got the Nalu Beads because she was trying Tantrums and getting bigger and closer each time, keep trying them!

We had some really positive feedback and the girls want to have the sessions more often, it was great to hear seeing as it was the first one.  The next one at WakeMK is on Sunday 19th June, see you there 🙂

4 thoughts on “Chicks Sesh at WakeMK

    1. I know Kelly 😦 Sorry about that, you were on the other side of the lake when everyone was ready and wanted to go because of the wind! I’ll get a raley pic of you next time though 🙂

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