Jam Packed Weekend!

What a weekend!  So I was ill this week and instead of riding on Friday, I spent it snoozing on my sofa watching the Royal Wedding and generally feeling pretty sorry for myself.  Waaaah 😦

Saturday came around so quickly and it was time for the British Trials down at Thorpe.  There was some sick riding from the 63 riders that turned up.  Everyone was stoked on the massive new toy that had gone in the day before – a transfer box, with an A-frame and a wall ride, its huuuge!  I can’t wait to session it properly. Yew!

Next on the agenda for Saturday was the Love Jam at Liquid Leisure.  It was the first time I had entered a competition at Liquid so I didn’t know what to expect.  It was a fun day, the comp went smoothly and there was good music, what more could you ask for!  Well done to the girls who were rocking it and were stepping it up yet again.  There was a battle for 1st place in the Junior Girls, all throwing down their inverts and styling it out on the sliders.  The same was happening in the Open Women, I unfortunately fell in my final jam session and had to pace it round the lake with only time for one more lap.  Gutted!  Even though I only placed 4th, I still had a great day. 

Sunday was Ladies Morning at BEP!  It was sunny and windy but the lake was reasonable flat for the ladies.  It was good to see the regulars were ready to shred after the winter off.  There were also loads of new faces, all keen to get on the water, it was a great turnout!

We had girls kneeboarding, wakeboarding, wakeskating, and even one on a pair of skis!  Everyone was enjoying the warmer water and trying new tricks all over the cable.  Some were just getting round the cable as it was their first session, a couple of girls were hitting the little ‘bell’ wedge for the first time, and others were macking at kickers in switch trying scarecrows, big up Sharm!

We did have some prizes to give away at the end of the girly sesh.  Some Nalu Beads, Two Seasons vouchers and a Wide-A-Wake goodie bag. Congrats to those who won this month!  You rocked it!

          Yeah goodies!!                                                                                                                        

After the Bank Holiday weekend started off a little ropey for me, it turned out to be fantastic in the end.  I wasn’t on top riding form for the comps but I was there hanging out and having fun.  Good times 🙂

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