How to reduce your waste in everyday life

Global WAKEcup Bamboo water bottle

There are some really quick and easy things you can do to reduce your waste during your work day.  And a little will go a long way if more and more people participated. I’ve been working on cutting down our waste as a family of four, for a few years now, but the more I do, the more I want to do, and deeper I go down the rabbit hole.  I am learning about zero waste, but I’m not quite sure I’ll ever go there.  However, there are a few small things that everyone IS capable of doing in their everyday life.  And you’ll save some dollar too!

  1. Take a shopping bag everywhere, keep one in your day bag, in your car, by the front door, at work.. it doesn’t have to be fancy, any bag or old plastic bag will do, it just saves another one being used once.
  2. Water bottles.  I started doing this more so once I’d had kids.  We are always out and about, and on maternity, I found it to be adding up if we bought food and drink out nearly everyday.  So I never left the house without water bottles for each person, snacks and/or a packed lunch.  And it just pisses me off paying for water as thats what I’d get anyway.
  3. Coffee travel cup / keep cup. Whatever you want to call it, you can buy travel mugs that flat pack down to fit in your handbag.  And if you use them in coffee shops, you get a discount on your coffee.  And no waste.
  4. Packed lunch.  I used to get ripped when I used to work in the corporate world because I was earning good money but still living like a student.  I still take a packed lunch with me everywhere, mainly because I then don’t have to worry about finding food, I don’t spend money on food, and I’m also not using single use packaging and I’m not wasting last nights leftovers.
  5. Travel Cutlery.  I know bamboo cutlery is all the rage, but I have a metal camping cutlery set that all click onto each other, thats about 20years old… it works well.  Now we have four sets, one for each family member that come out and about with us.
  6. Straws.  You can buy metal straws online and use them until the end of time.  You can reuse plastic straws, which we have done, but they are harder to clean smoothie out of.

So there you go, six quick and easy top tips on how to reduce your daily waste while living your normal (best) life.  I hope this helps!  I’ll do another blog about easy swaps you can in the home to either reduce your waste, or taking that small step away from single use plastic.

My Amazon link to some of the things I’ve found useful along the way.  Water bottles, coffee cups etc.. 

Global WAKEcup Bamboo coffee cup

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