Reusable: Make-up remover cloth

So after my Resolutions blog with me banging on about how I want to continue to waste less, I have had a great response with companies contacting me to test out their reusable and/or recyclable products.  And I am all for it.  I love testing things out!

So I was sent a couple of face cloths from Norwex.  These microfibre cloths take off all your make up, with just adding water.  I have been using mine in the shower instead of my usual cleanser (actually cleanser is a lie, I got through nearly an entire bottle of ‘cleanser’ only to realise that I had been washing my face with moisturiser for the past few months) to remove make up and its crazy how good it is.  It even takes off my mascara, which I would usually need to use eye make up remover for, even after a shower, (or perhaps I’ve just not been washing my face properly).

So all the pros:

  • These face cloths are reusable.
  • You don’t need to use any other product on your skin.
  • So, if you’re not using a wash or cleanser, then you won’t be buying it… therefore no bottle packaging.. no waste.
  • The chemicals from the face products, that you now don’t need to use, are not going into your body through your skin.
  • I just took mine away with me for the weekend, it was perfect!  Travel friendly and no liquids for plane journeys!
  • Some people might not like that its made from polyester, however, I like the idea that this cloth will last me much, much longer than a bottle of face wash or cleanser (or moisturiser…), so its less waste in the long run.

Thanks for sending Nicki! Click here for more info or to get in touch with Nicki.

No make up selfie!!! Has to be done… see, no products used apart from the this lil cloth!

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