Just over a week ago I spent the day at Silverstone racecourse.  I got to drive a Ferrari on the southern part of the main course!  One of the best days ever!!

I woke up that morning and I got nerves immediately; I do this, if I have something big planned I usually wake up and freak out not wanting to do it, but once I actually start doing it, I’m fine.

Once I got to the course, I signed in and waited to be called up for the briefing. Our time was called and so we filed into the classroom – I wanted to snap a pic because out of twenty people, I was the only female, and the youngest by about a decade.  Too funny.

After being talked through the turns, how to take them and how not to die, it was down to the pits for some helmet fitting.

I got shown to ‘my’ Ferrari, I don’t know what it was… but it was a shiny and blue and beautiful. I know, such a girl.  The first lap I was in the passenger seat while the instructor drove me round the course.  He went fast!  I had the biggest grin on my face the whole time.  Then it was my turn.  In my first stint, I had four laps to burn some rubber and get to grip with the corners and the gear paddles.  I was definitely a tad messy as obviously its completely different to how I drive on the road (as I always have two small children in my car and I drive super responsibly, of course).

I came in and after I pestered the main instructor for more information on how to get a better performance, I was up for my second outing.

This time was way better.  I was going into the turns later, coming out of the corners faster, accelerating more on the straight, (yeah I crushed the Hammer Straight), and generally having a smoother ride while the instructor was giving me commands such as: up a gear, foot to the floor (yes thats a term), break, break hard, down a gear, turn etc.  I was gutted when I was over.

The most annoying thing is that I have absolutely no idea how fast I was going. No fucking idea.  All I know is that I was going way too fast to even think about flicking my eyes down to the speedometer.  I would have crashed.  It was fast though because when the instructor was telling me to “Break hard” before a corner after one of the straights, I could feel him using the dual break pedal.

Happy days though, I got 89% in my assessment which might be the highest mark I’ve ever achieved (no, seriously), along with the comment “Give up the day job!” next to it – I had to pay the instructor for that one.  I loved every minute and can’t wait to do it again!  Anyone got a spare Ferrari?

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