Post workout snacks!

11800200_926110080758929_1753088453964981392_nSince having my second baby, I’ve been dying to get back into shape.  I managed to do it after my first child, so why not do it again!  I’m 11 weeks post baby and getting there slowly slowly.  Its early days but its definitely different this time around.  In some ways its easier because I know I can do this as I’ve done it before, but that makes it harder because I’m expecting fast results, and you don’t just replace a stone of fat with muscle over night.  Its also harder because I’m so much more tired this time around… my iron levels are getting there (which also make you tired).  And two kids.  Not easy.

I’m doing well so far, technically only have five more pounds to lose to be back at my pre pregnancy weight, but that doesn’t really represent the work that is to come.  I have so much more to do to get back to the shape that I’m comfortable with and at my happiest.  Muscle is slowly building and I can get into my first trimester clothing (when you don’t look pregnant but you need to buy clothing in a size up).

SO, what have I been doing to get back into shape?!  Well, lots of power walking as I can’t run yet – and pushing two kiddies in a buggy definitely makes you work up sweat!  I’m on my wakeboard as much as possible, thats roughly every couple of weeks at the moment for about an hour.  Living room yoga, kitchen circuits and garage free-weights. I try to do one of these activities two / three times a week.  This is paired with eating as clean as possible plus drinking loads of water.  (I still reward myself with my giant cookie during the night feed as I’m still breast feeding, honestly, its the only thing that gets me through!)

My fav post workout snacks / meals at the moment are:

  • Tomato, mozzarella and avocado with pesto, olive oil and vinegar.. aaaaa-ddicted. 
  • Eggs Benedict with asparagus or avocado.
  • Pepper / carrots with hummus
  • Handful of natural mixed nuts 
  • Apple and almond butter 
  • Bowl of strawberries or half a cantaloupe melon
  • All the above is washed down with a couple of litres of lemon water (throughout the day)

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4 thoughts on “Post workout snacks!

  1. Think you are doing amazing, it’s hard to think about all this stuff whilst you are muddled in sleeplessness and feeding baby. The snacks sound great. Cashew nut butter and dates are lovely too!

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