Second Ride | NFWP

11049606_914617351908202_3367470378388452683_nLast weekend I had the chance to ride down to New Forest Wake Park for the first time since it opened.  Its a fun little set up with some great toys to session. It was my second time back on the water after I had baby Oli just five weeks ago so as you can imagine, I was gagging to get on the water. 

I rode for a whole hour this time and now I am paying for it.  My body hurts and aches in places I’d forgotten I had, even my hands ache.  Seriously??  What is going on there. 

I actually hit some toys on this ride which felt good but I’m soooo sketchy at the moment… like super sketch – but I don’t care because I’m back on the water baaabbbbyyyyy and friggin loving it!  Yeeeeah riding again! 

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