40 Weeks (and counting).

Don’t let my smile fool you, I am one grumpy mother.  

The ‘due date’ is a double edged sword – yes it is in fact just a guideline, but it is also the light at the end of the tunnel for the person in question.  And when that date comes and goes, any mum will tell you that the days to follow are some of the longest of your life. You get increasingly uncomfortable, sleeping is pretty hit or miss (I was awake from 1am – 3am last night, for no apparent reason) and the ‘Any news?’ messages/calls keep rolling in.  

And then you have people saying, enjoy the peace, get some rest, pamper yourself!  Yes that would be amazing, but I have a two year old, I can’t reach my toes anymore, and when its a nursery day its hard to book anything in because of the slim chance that I might be in labour.  

Also, EVERYONE lets you know what you can do to bring on labour, like you haven’t been studying the book for months already, (and trying out the most popular since week 37).  I’ve also completely forgotten whats in my hospital bag now as its been sitting by the door for over a month – reminds me, I’d better go through it to double check everything. 

….Big thanks to my close friends and family who have had to bear the brunt of my constant grumpiness, I will make it up to you by letting you come over and play with a brand new baby, (just bring food with you please)! 

Below is a comparison pic, 40 weeks pregnant with Ethan on the left, and 40 weeks pregnant this time around on the right. 


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