I can’t wait…

Yes, obviously I can’t wait to meet our little being and to finally know if its a boy or a girl!  However, I also can’t wait for all the things I’ve had to stop doing / avoid / give up during these past nine, absolutely magical months. 


1. Wakeboarding.  First things first.  Get me on a board asap.  Thank you please.  


2. Red wine.  Its my vice.  I usually enjoy a glass most nights with dinner, I have done for years, I love it, its my thing.  Also as a parent I find its like a ‘well done’ for getting through another day of keeping your child alive. 

3. Surfing.  Already provisionally booked a week at the coast to get my fix in July.  The ocean; its a pure love thing, I just need it. 


4. Workouts.  What is there to say, you know I love working out…. To add insult to injury, Jon has dusted off his free weights and invested in a bench.  He smugly sneaks off to the garage in the evenings leaving me sitting on my pregnant ass, watching rubbish TV eating a Mars ice-cream bar (my new fav thing).  I can’t wait to get my hands on those weights as part of my ‘get back in shape, again’ routine. 


5. Brie / mussels / goats cheese / beer / pate / runny eggs / port / champers.  The list goes on for all the foods I miss eating/drinking.  I just want a huge wedge of brie with a big fat glass of port. Ta. 


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