6 Weeks to go

Second time around I’m much more blasé about the whole recording the pregnancy thing that we all do first time around.  I have’t written down my emotions and craving in a baby book, I haven’t taken weekly photos of my bump while holding up a “16 weeks'” sign and I haven’t recorded my weight.  Its not that I can’t be bothered, its more that I haven’t had as much time with running around after the toddler and I’ve felt sick most of the time so just could’t be arsed. 

However, I found a couple of photos from my first pregnancy and decided to do a comparison.  

Here I’m 30 weeks in both photos, I can’t believe the difference in the two pregnancies! In the photo on the left I look like I’ve just eaten Christmas lunch, and in the second I look ready to pop. 

IMG_7839Here I am with just six weeks to go.  I thought I was much bigger this time (and I definitely was in the above photo), but at 34 weeks, I’m pretty similar to how I was first time around; just far more uncomfortable as the baby is sitting awkwardly – probably a little preview into what its character is set to be! Fun. 


Next comparison will be my due date! 

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