Welcome to Miami

We went on a boat trip around Miami which was a great way to see as much as possible in a short amount of time.  Theres a lotta dollar in Miami let me tell ya!  

Below theres a huge great yacht that belongs to some basketball guy, it actually has a basketball court on board.  The tiny patch of grass land just in the left of the photo sold for $27 million – its 800 square feet…  Spot the wakeboard boat parked alongside it.  Out of the three, I think I’d pick the land and opt for the resale.

IMG_7098We saw some huge waterfront houses as well.  Including P Diddy’s crib!  (bad pic below) His pad is mostly covered by foliage but if the gardens furnitures out (which it was), it means he’s home apparently.  Check the up close up pic below, yet another wakeboard boat.  As if P Diddy is partial a spot of wakeboarding?! 


After a morning on the water we had obviously worked up an appetite.  We stepped off the boat and what should we see?  A Hooters of course!  

Ethan pulled.  She even let him kiss her. 


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