Yes its fair to say we are loving life here in Florida.  Its hot, sunny, the waters warm (pool and ocean) and the malls are huge – yes shopping is high on the agenda – I’m six months pregnant, what else am I going to do, wakeboarding and get on the margaritas?

Yesterday we visited the Everglades to see some gators, we were pretty lucky and saw five in total in the wild.  The hover crafts were fun though, they kinda freaked me out when they skimmed sideways at high speeds though, I was waiting for an edge. 


No we didn’t threaten to feed Ethan to the alligators if he misbehaved.  Definitely not. 


Ethan loving life in his life vest…. 


Everyone loves food shopping in a custom built car.  Pimp my ride.

photo 1

An early morning swim to wash away the cobwebs. 

photo 2

photo 5

Shinning up palms.  Or trying to. 


Blogging with this view… I could get used to this. 


Off to do some shopping, lunch then beach.  Its a hard life sometimes. xx

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