Party Planning

So this month my lovely Mother turned the big 60!  Of course we had a party to celebrate where all her close friends and family came together for a lovely Black Tie dinner.  I’ve not really planned many parties and now I know why, they take up a large chunk of time and hone in on your organisational skills, but it was worth it 🙂

Some of the things I did for the event I snapped up for you…

Centre pieces – which took me forever as I’ve never done them before.  I bought vases from Ikea and got the roses from Aldi.  I then de-leaved them (loooong process), cut them all down and then divided them up equally, where I then had the task of making them look pretty, so I tied a piece of ribbon around them.. ta da!


Next was the name places.  I bought jam jars from HobbyCraft along with tags and ribbon. I then wrote everyones name on the tags and on the back, I wrote what food they had ordered (as you always forget if you’ve ordered months in advance).  I then did pink ribbon for the ladies and blue ribbon for the gents.  Each jar had a tea light in it to add a little glow.


The I had a cake designed to suit Mum down to a tee. 


I even did my very first speech which went better than expected, I got more laughs than I thought which is always a bonus!  It was a lovely evening and Mum enjoyed it as well xx


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