Round the corner…

Its only nine sleeps away until Santa is storming our living rooms!  Is it all about that though?  Of course not.  I love Christmas for a number of reasons:

1. Church on Christmas Eve.  I’m not a massive church goer but I do go to church once every couple of months.  I always go on Christmas Eve though – theres just something magical about belting out all the good ol’ festive hymns!  

2. Spending time with the fam.  I get to see people that I don’t see very often, like cousins, aunties and uncles which is always nice.  I like having a busy house at Christmas.  In the past I’ve had quiet ones and chaotic ones… the chaotic ones are always the ones I remember 🙂 

3. The food.  I love all the rich food, the roasts, the cheese, the wine, champers and port… and that its perfectly acceptable to have chocolate for breakfast on Christmas day! 

4. The lights.  I love all the fairy lights!  I love driving down my street at night when all the houses are lit up, its so pretty.

5.  The ultimate.  A white Christmas… I know this is something that happens once in a blue moon, but I love it.  A few Christmases ago I went to the local hill with Jon, my Dad and brother where we went snowboarding and sledging in bluebird conditions before Christmas lunch, and no one else around, it was amazing 🙂 

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas what ever you’re doing whether its spending time with family, having a quiet one, jetting off somewhere hot and sunny or to the mountains or just heading down the local!  Have a lovely festive holiday xx


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