Comedy Cow

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Last night I ventured out with my local mummy buddies for some dinner and some comedy.  Now, other mums will know this, when a group of mums get together for a night out, it generally turns into quite a rowdy one.  So much so that when we visit our local restaurants / pubs (walking distance so we can toddle home), we get seated in private rooms; not because we’re VIPS as we’d like to think, but because our chat gets louder and louder and more offensive as the wine flows.  This all started when one member of the group unfortunately said ‘placenta’ at that awkward moment where there happened to be a lull in the restaurants conversation, obviously we all fell off our chairs in hysterics as we continued to put off the members of public enjoying their steak dinners. 

So last night was no different.  We headed to a pub for dinner (private room and all) and then moved on to The Comedy Cow at the Crown for some giggles.  They save tables there and I’m not sure what or how it happened but our table was smack bang in front of the comedians.  Oh dear.  A bit scary being a meter and a half from the front!  I got away unscathed unlike my friend beside me who got ripped continuously throughout the night which was hilarious.  The headliner came on, give it up for Mark Dolan everyone!  And yes I got asked my name and what I did and so wakeboarding came up and a whole plethora of jokes followed.  I was embarrassed but I was more stoked on the fact that a room packed with people now know what wakeboarding is.  Educating the masses one by one. 

An all round brilliant night, good food, good comedy and good company.  Mark Dolan was hilarious and I would definitely recommend seeing him live in action if you get the chance.

Follow him on twitter : @mrmarkdolan 

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