Billabong ACTIVE

I love days when I get little goodies arriving, and yesterday was one of those days!  I received my new Billabong ACTIVE pack which contained everything I need to have a great workout!  A fabulous sports bra, gym leggings, training shorts and a fantastic mizu water bottle (a company that was set up my Jussi Oksanen when he wanted a safe and durable water bottle).  I workout out in my new gear this morning and I’m stoked on it.  Its super comfortable and lets you move how you want to with no restrictions or discomfort!  Brighten up your workouts by getting your mitts on some of this hot new ACTIVE wear, it will have you setting your alarm and kicking off the covers… get yourself on training mode! 


photo 1-4photo 3-3SONY DSCphoto 3-2photo 5-2photo 3-4

One thought on “Billabong ACTIVE

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