Body Weight Workout

Still managing to fit in some workouts during this busy season!  This week I’ve done a buggy bootcamp as usual which was loaded with Ab exercises and kettle bells.  

I’ve also worked out with some friends as well.  We did a bootcamp style workout but using purely our own body weight while sweating away to some girly tunes which was fun. Summers not over guys, get outside and keep moving! 

Our body weight workout: Burpies | Squat Jumps | Tricep Dips | Rotating Star Jumps | Push Ups | Running | Calf Raises | Steps Ups | Scissor Jumps | Squats with Air Punches. We did three circuits in total and each exercise for 45seconds, followed up with some cool down stretches.  Happy dayz. 

photo 3photo 4****Photos are from Tuesdays Bootcamp, not friends workout session****

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