M A C | M A C

Last week I had the pleasure of working with Mike from MacMac Photography again. The last time we shot together it was raining, grey and generally miserable, (he still got some amazing photos though!)  This time we lucked out, we had sunny weather and warm waters.  Here are some of the shot from our shoot… 

Lex'sFavourites_0020Lex'sFavourites_0012 Lex'sFavourites_0003 Lex'sFavourites_0017  Lex'sFavourites_0004  Lex'sFavourites_0002 Lex'sFavourites_0018Lex'sFavourites_0009   Lex'sFavourites_0010    Lex'sFavourites_0014   Lex'sFavourites_0015Lex'sFavourites_0013

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