After the Nationals (and the big air comp on Saturday), I headed over to Liquid on Sunday morning for my first heat in the Plastic Playground Qualifier.  This was an open event so I had to ride with the boys.  I had absolutely no chance of going through to the main event which is being held later on this month, as I was riding against all of the UK’s finest riders – but it was a rail comp and I wanted to ride.  As it turned out, I was nearly sick with nerves!  It was a much quieter event than the one I’d competed in just the day before and coupled with going up against the boys made me feel nauseous!  But I did it anyway.  I had my second heat eight hours later on that same day.  Both laps were ok, not my best and definitely not my worst.  I’m glad I rode in the end so happy days!  

Thanks I Love Wake for the photos x


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