Girl Talk | Courtney Angus

I caught up with one of Aussies Finest recently to find out what she’s been up to when it comes to travelling, fishing and 900’s.  Don’t let this pretty face fool you as she is the WWA Wake Park World Champion and is not afraid to smash herself to get the job done. 

| Hey Courtney! How’s things?portfolio

Pretty damn good Lex! And I can see life is treating you the same according to your blog 🙂

| Thanks, I try!  So since I saw you last summer your world has been rocked.  Fill us in.

For sure – My world has stepped up a fair few notches!   I upped my game by pushed my riding, making some edits and winning some comps.  I am all hard work and no talent so that wasn’t as easy as you may think. I worked my butt off!  After a ton of crashes and new tricks earned, I signed with Hyperlite at the end of last year 🙂

What set up are you on and how much do you love it?

ATM I am riding Hyperlites first chicks cable board – the 2015 Socialite! I love the board and I love being apart of this movement with Hyperlite!

Travelling has given me a new appreciation for systems (bindings). Being care free about where you step in murky water is awesome and the design gives you a new level of control!

How’s your riding – What you into right now?

I am really enjoying my riding!  The kicker is where the party is at!  This year I have learnt TS and HS 900s, TS and HS BS 720s, Moby dick and Back Mobe 5.  I have no motivation issues and I have more goals to achieve.

Courtney method

You’ve been getting involved with helping out some groms, they always look stoked.  Tell us more about the kids clubs…

I am all about the progression of our sport – People that don’t know what wakeboarding is push my buttons big time!  So I do what I can to change that… During the summertime at Cables Wake Park in Sydney, Australia I run Kids Club, Grom Camp, Ladies Sessions and general private coaching on the 2.0s and main lakes.  I am pretty flat out…

Sounds Hectic!  What else is on the agenda for you this season?

Currently I am in Moncontour at TNM! This park is sick!  If your planning on travelling to France put this park on your list – sick tension, good kickers and dope rails! What more could I ask for!?

After this stop I am travelling to TNG in Toulouse for the Chicks with Tricks clinic before I head back to the States for a jam-packed summer.

–       WWA Triple Crown stops

–       US Nationals

–       A chicks cable edit

–       And hopefully some new tricks

What do you do outside of Wakeboarding?  Apart from fishing and flying?

Haha!  I love fishing!  And I am sure if you come on an adventure with me you will too 🙂

I play guitar and listen to badass chick rappers!  I know that sounds lame but I am so into it! It gets me real motivated!

Love a bit of fishing.  Are you into health and fitness?  If so what’s your regime?

I do a ton of Yoga!  I have a ruptured disk in my lower back and I find that being flexible keeps the pain under control.  The balance factor helps stabilize my knees and hot yoga helps burn away all the not so healthy food I consume… I love Nutella, chocolate, white wine and Mexican food with plenty of sour cream and cheese.  I live a very balanced lifestyle – A typical lifestyle enthusiast.


3 tips for those wanting to become a Pro Wakeboarder?

PUSH YOUR RIDING! – Approach each new trick with the expectation of being successful rather than dreading failure and do not procrastinate!  Today you are the oldest you have ever been and the youngest you will ever be so just do it!

Any way 3 tips:

  1. Push your riding as hard as you can
  2. Do yoga
  3. Ride the Socialite!

Any shoutouts?

Visit me at Cables Wake Park this summer 🙂

Thanks for the chat Courtney, see you soon! x

Anytime Lex and thanks for having me xx

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