W A K E | K O O K S

IMG_8886We’ve all heard of kooks when it comes to surfing, but the term doesn’t seem to be used in the wake world.  Maybe the sport is still in its infant phase of life unlike surfing that has hundreds of years of history behind it.  So when we think of the classic surf kook we think of big ol’ foamy boards and white water beginners.  However, thats not really fair as everyone has to start somewhere and at least they are giving it a go, right? When I think of a surf kook I think of someone who is dangerous in the water to either themselves, others or both.  Someone who doesn’t pay attention to whats going on around them and just drops in on any wave that comes their way with absolutely no respect for the person(s) with priority.  

So what do I think of when I think of a wake kook?  

1. All the gear and no idea?  This, I think, does not really qualify you for kook status because if you can equip yourself with the latest kit, do it.  Also if you’re having fun and getting involved, keep on going!  However, its never ideal in any sport from golf to skiing, from chess to fishing… if you turn up with all the latest gear from head to toe, people are going to expect you to rip.  

2. Talk the talk?  If you’re trying tricks with friends and having fun, great, and you might need their moral support if the tricks get a bit scary.  If you’re going to talk the talk that you’re going to try this trick or that transfer, you better do it.  Otherwise people are going to cotton on that you’re full of it and just stop listening. 

3. Beginners?  Doesn’t qualify as we all have to start somewhere and good on them for getting up off their ass and trying out a new watersport in a county that doesn’t fall within the tropics. 

4. Weavers?  Annoying I admit, but again doesn’t qualify as once beginners are up they need to find their edges to gain edge control for all those badass tricks they are going to be throwing down with their mates. 

5. Attitude?  If you’re attitude sucks, thats just not cool, step away from the dock. Wakeboarding is fun, lets keep it that way.  No one wants a tool shouting, cursing and most of all; water slapping.  

So after pondering about what makes a wake kook, its not the beginner on the dock with the rental board, its not the intermediate hitting the rails 50/50, its not the pro throwing it down; because they are all having fun.  Its that person who throws their kit on the floor as if its completely disposable, its the person who has a sucky attitude on the dock, its that person full of s**t… wakeboarding it fun, lets keep it that way. 


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