Girl Talk | Sophie Cordery

We caught up with UK Wakeboarder Sophie Cordery on her latest travels, places to party, wakeskating, surfing and what she’s into at the moment! 

| Whats up Soph, enjoying being back in sunny England?  

Hey Lex!  The weather actually has been pretty awesome since I’ve been back, so it hasn’t been too depressing! I’ve had loads of things to do too so haven’t just been moping about the house wishing I was back in the tropical weather of Thailand!!!  


| You’ve just got back from some time abroad.  Tell us about your trip. Where did you go and where did you ride?  

We started off in Australia for a few weeks where we went to a few different places, hanging out surfing, fishing, scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef up in Cairns, sky diving, which was terrifying, but the most amazing feeling ever!!! We then headed down to Penrith to Cables Wake Park for the week before Boardstock.  After Oz we headed to Thailand for 6 weeks riding at Anthem Wake Park most of the time which is an awesome place, we also had a quick ride at Phuket Wake Park and then finished off the trip at Thai Wake Park with some familiar faces. We made a few trips to some Islands, which were amazing, and my favorite was Phi Phi.  The stunning views and the crazy beach parties made it!  

| Whats the cable like? 

Anthem Wake Park (where we spent most of our time) was a new cable only built in the last couple of years down in Phuket.  It’s run by the friendliest people, who made you feel at home the moment you arrived.  Its super high and they are adding obstacles to the park every week, which is cool!   


| Did you get to surf?  Did you dominate or flail like a fish on dry land, or a bit of both? 

Yes, we hung out with Scotty Broome in Oz and he took us down to his holiday house down at Lake Conjola where we went surfing a couple of times!  I’ve only been once before in Cornwall where the waves were pretty tame and easy to catch where as over there we took a bit of a beating.  But however many times you got stuck in the impact zone, catching that one wave was the best feeling ever!  


| Favourite places of the trip?

One of the best places I went has got to be PhiPhi!! Was so beautiful and a lot of fun there!!! We went with a really good bunch of people and met loads more there!! Cheap buckets, boat trips, beach parties and tanning not more else I could’ve wanted!!  Another bar we found that was really cool was down in Phuket right in the corner of Kamala Beach.  It was hidden right at the end and was like a surfers tree house over looking the beach.  We hung out there for a bit had a few beers and watched the sun go down which was pretty sick!  Anthem Wakepark was one of my favourite cables mainly because of the people.  The guys that run it are super friendly and always telling us good places to visit and helping us out!  The cable is really high and in such a good location.  10 minutes from the closest beach and then following the coastline there was beaches after beaches with the bluest oceans!  

| You’re Beau is wakeskater Ollie Moore who was also your travel companion.  And you’ve been known to partake in a few wake skate comps of the international variety in the past.  Did you teach him a thing or two on the wake skate while you were away?   

I think I taught him how to do the longest back butter slide on the wakeskate but other than that unfortunately not haha!  He has taught me a lot!   Being crazy good on the skate he picks up a wakeboard and makes it look very easy within seconds of riding it, which is extremely frustrating if I’ve been working on something and he goes straight out and does it in front of me.  

It’s pretty good being with someone who also has the same interests and its great having some one there all the time to correct you or tell you when you’ve just done something pretty lame.  Annoying at the time… but its for the best?  


| Whats getting you excited about this coming season.   

Just seeing and hanging out with everyone again.   The scene dies a bit during the winter in the UK and everyone sort of has their own separate winter plans.  

| What board you gonna ride?    

I think I’m going to ride the Deluxe 132 I broke my board in Thailand which I loved [Symbol]  but luckily it happened just a couple of hours before we were due to leave.   But I’m still waiting on a new board and cant wait for it to come.  

| What will you be wearing?  

Bit of this bit of that.  Ollie gets a lot of deliveries so I always steal something if it’s too small for him.  My favourite suit is my purple oneill 3:2 which is so comfy and I don’t like to get cold so I will be wearing it most of the time, but on those hot summer days just a pair of shorts and whatever life jacket I can grab that day.  

| Whats your training looking like? 

Due to previous knee injuries I have to keep my leg strong by going to the gym, which I admit I’m not very good at, other than that, I just ride down at my home cable JBSki.   There is such a good crew down there and there is always someone to ride with.  The new system 2.0 down there is also a great way to learn and get confident with new tricks. 

Which comps are you thinking of doing? 

The nationals, which are in July, Euros in Poland and Worlds In Norway and hopefully a few others over seas.  

Whats something you’re obsessed with at the moment? 

 I’m pretty obsessed with Frozen right now; the songs make the whole film.   


JBSKI my home cable, my parents, Ollie and everyone else who has supported me over the last couple of years. 

| You can check out Sophie’s website HERE

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