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So this blog is a tad overdue but I was surfing so it got put on the back burner. I recently turned the big 3-0.  I’m either in complete denial or I’m totally ok with the fact that I’ve left my 20’s behind.  

Looking back on my 20‘s, I started them on crutches following knee surgery, a rubbish start to say the least.  I gained like a stone through lack of sport and was extremely grumpy because I couldn’t release any emotion or energy (usually done through sport). 

I celebrated my 21st while studying at UC Davis which was amazing.  SOGAS!


At 22 I graduated and started my new job in London, I had to take a day off for my graduation ceremony.  Let the rat race begin! 


This is also the year I started dating Jon…. 


….and he taught me to surf.  Its amazing we’re still together, anyone who has tried to teach their partner a sport will know what I mean (there were lots of tears and board hating).


At 23 the market was booming in the area I was working in and I was lucky enough to be working on an amazing opportunity.  24 we hit CWC and I think I got my first wakeboard sponsor too.  


Jon proposed!


25 seemed to be the year to travel.  It was also the year the market took a turn for the worse and I took voluntary redundancy.  I did an epic road trip through 10 different States with Kat who lives across the pond… We sped through Detroit, the Jack Distillery was fun, line dancing in Nashville was epic and partying in New Orleans was all-time; oh and we visited where Britney Spears went to High School.   

4189_742740964023_2903443_n - Version 2

…and another road trip through France with my MK besties… Sleeping roadside, surfing fun waves, tanning topless and eating beignets. 


….I then got married… xxx

20759_844410472513_1503676_n - Version 2

…and spent a month in Bali on our honeymoon.  The best trip of my life.  Outstanding year!


26 & 27 probably more surfing / wakeboarding etc, bought an apartment in there somewhere as well.

28 found out we were expecting, sold said apartment and upgraded to a house, and then welcomed Ethan into the world.


29 I hibernated for the first 4 months and then started getting back to my old self.  And that pretty much sums it up to bring us to today… the big 3-0.


What have I learnt?  You can’t dress like you did at 18, otherwise you’ll just look like an idiot.  Washing your hair more than once a week is cool.  Tongue piercings chip your teeth.  Wear sunscreen on your face, wrinkles are not cool.  Appreciate the positives and learn from but don’t dwell on the negatives.  Appreciate your family and friends, they are amazing people. 

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