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So yesterday and today, the wind has been doing something special.  Its blowing a friggin gail.  I’ve found myself drinking copious amounts of coffee in cafes all around Peniche due to this horrible weather.  If I do grab a coffee at home, its usually a lovely vanilla latte (predictable I know), but theres only one place that recognises the important of the luscious coffee syrup here.  This cafe is situated in the middle of town though with nothing to view except the road, so I’ve been forfeiting this delicious vanilla flavouring for a much more beautiful and desirable view of the ocean.  So I have grown to love coffee for what it is on its own.  Amazing, I know.  But we’ve done all the surf shops and you can only surf check so much when its all blown out… 

Right, off to surf some wind chop.

photo 4photo 1-3

2 thoughts on “Coffee | Love

  1. Hi Lex – “drinking copious amounts of coffee” is one of life’s greatest pleasures! Add in a view of the ocean, and the experience is absolutely heavenly. To me, both are must-haves in order to maintain sanity as a parent to three young children. Enjoy!

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