SONY DSCSo on Wednesday I ripped my suit clean open, unusable / unfixable.  I would get done for indecent exposure if I wore it, well either that or I might get more waves through distraction, maybe I should try…

So with no suit (its 4.3mm weather out here, some of the locals wear hoods / booties) surfing was off the cards for me. Or so I thought.  I called my sponsor (WaterSports World / Mystic) and explained the situ and they were fabulous!  They are sending me out a new suit so I can surf some more!  I love those guys! 

It goes on…  I called the people we are photo 3 - Version 2renting our place with for the postal address and relayed what had happened. They got one of their personal suits over to me within 15mins of our conversation.  (Its a mens 3.2mm, it was freezing but it did the job for a quick evening sesh!)  Thanks guys! 

THEN yesterday we headed to the best local surf shop around (58 Surf), and caught up with them about fixing one of our boards.  I was chatting to the girls in there and my wetsuit incident came up (again) and they’ve leant me a womens 4.3mm in my size until my new suit arrives, so I was able to have a really fun afternoon surf today 🙂

photo 5 - Version 2Honestly I’m so grateful to everyone that’s helped me out in the last couple of days with wetsuits, you’ve made my holiday!  Thank you guys!!  And HUGE thank you Watersports World!! xxxxxx

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