Beauty Blog! Part 4: Post Baby Fitness

My baby is now eight months old and I feel like I’m back in shape!  I worked hard to get my body back to what’s normal for me and now appreciate it much more because of what its been through; change wise due to the pregnancy and also how hard I’ve worked to get back into my skinnies.

Approx 4 / 5 weeks post baby.                                                   6 weeks post baby.

IMG_0170                                                IMG_0342

Its really hard to fit in workouts with a new baby around, the last thing you want to do is exert extra energy when you’ve manage to grasp a spare moment for yourself.  You can’t really workout until about six weeks after the baby’s been born, but up until then you can walk!  I must have walked round my local lake three to four times a week (aprox two / three miles) just to get moving, (and to prevent going stir crazy).  I mixed it up, walked round with friends, my folks, my husband, or just on my own for which I’d get my power walk on.  Trust me, power walking while pushing a buggy gets your heart rate up!

                                             From 8 weeks to 12 weeks post baby. 


      8 weeks to 15 weeks post baby.                                   35 weeks post baby. 

IMG_1130          IMG_2328

Once I was given the all clear after six weeks I worked out with my trainer (Kurup Fit) at least once every two weeks.  Working out again was pretty interesting for me, it was really difficult!  This might sound stupid but I like working out and pushing myself but I felt so weak and pathetic when I couldn’t do a single sit up, it was demoralising! However, we kept going and within about six weeks Sharm had me back up to fitness, along with me working out at home and wakeboarding.  It then took a few months to get back to my pre baby weight as it doesn’t just fall off.

                                                  Training was hard but worth it! 

IMG_0894          IMG_1085

Water time – I got back on the water after seven weeks but could only do two laps at a time, I had to slowly build up my strength which didn’t take too long but felt like forever! Ladies, if you’re planning on doing this, keep it very light and easy.  Your body goes through a hell of a lot during pregnancy so you have to be good to yourself on the water!

                 7 weeks post baby.                                                20 weeks post baby.


To any ladies who have had a baby and are struggling to get back into shape or just back to their usual self, get moving!  Whether its power walking with the buggy or a workout DVD at home while the baby’s napping, just get on it!  If you’re fortunate enough, try to work with a trainer as you can discuss goals and problem areas, and they will know how to achieve results efficiently, effectively and safely.  I think one of the main things I stuck to (and still do) is to remember you’re not superwoman, you can’t work out everyday and chow down on 100% healthy foods 24/7.  Be realistic with yourself and do everything in moderation, I’m saying that if I have a day of low activity, I’ll pass on the cakes that day, whereas if I’ve been riding for an hour or two, I’ll definitely enjoy my lasagna for dinner!

                         Loving life on the beach in Spain with the family 🙂 

IMG_2604 - Version 2

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