WakeMK Ladies Mornings

Last weekend we saw the last Ladies Morning of the season.  Sniff Sniff.  It has been a fantastic summer with loads of new faces joining in on the action.  Over the season, I have also had the pleasure of watching the regulars progress in various areas as well, whether its simply (or not so simply) getting around the cable, learning their first ollie, hitting their first obstacle or learning a new invert!  Its been so fun helping everyone along their journey in this amazing sport we call cable wakeboarding; or waterboarding / lake dancing.

Massive thanks to everyone who has helped out with these session, Chloe and Lottie at WakeMK and also the rest of the team for getting up that little bit earlier to make sure the ladies had a fun morning.  Also to my sponsors who have support the sessions and provided prizes throughout the season: Mystic, Nalu Beads and Two Seasons!


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