My Beauty Regime! Part 2: Hair

This time I’m writing about my hair!!  I get asked how I keep my long locks in check with the amount of exposure they get from the sun and water.. well, read on to find out!


I’m not gonna lie.. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to my hair, I do the bare minimum.  I wash and condition it every two days with Herbal Essence, no reason on the brand, thats just what I’m into at the moment!  I let it dry naturally, again this comes down to laziness with the blow dryer and it takes too long.  I don’t brush my hair either.  So due to my lack of willingness to tame my mane, its stays in fairly good condition as over brushing and over heating can really damage your hair!

936721_521574851212456_695727535_nIf I want it to look a little more ‘done’, I run my straighteners over the ends and rub some serum into them while I’m at it.  I also use batiste to give a little extra volume at the roots.

However, my hair is my favourite when I’ve been surfing.  The sea water / salt water is like a magic potion on my hair and it just feels amazing on my head!  There are numerous products on the market that promise you the ‘surfer chick’ look, but don’t be fooled.. just get in the water! 🙂

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