First Post Baby Training Session

Yesterday was a big day for me!  I had my very first training session with KURUP FIT since my son was born.  I was expecting it to be difficult as I’m fairly out of shape but I didn’t expect it to be THAT hard!  Just the warm up knackered me out.. and then we got started.

20130407_132638We worked the whole body with various different exercises.  We started with legs which involved lots of squats and kettle bells.  Then we moved onto the arms.  When I started training I could only do six press ups, in my assessment I got up to 23, and yesterday I managed 11, (and less as the session went on), but better than I expected!

I’m not sure why I was surprised about the fact that my stomach was the hardest to work out, but I couldn’t do a full sit up!  This was a first and I can honestly say it shocked me.  In the end I managed to do a few but I was using the momentum of rocking my shoulders up rather than actually doing a proper sit up.. gotta start somewhere and surely it can only get better!


Stats!  We took some measurements: arm, chest, waist, hips and thigh, over all I’m between two to five centimetres bigger in each place than I was at my assessment.  This is really useful info to gage my progress and also I love knowing figures like that!  We also took photos of me front and side on so I can do a before and after at a later date.

20130407_132753          20130407_132746

Overall – a hard but great first session with Sharm.  Can’t wait until the next one! 🙂


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