On a mission.

So baby Balladon was born six weeks ago which meeeeeans I just had my six week check up!  I’m pleased to say that it all went well and baby and I are doing just fine.  I got the all clear and I’m very happy to finally be able to get moving!

photo-8The summer season is on its way (hopefully) and I’m planning on doing what I usually do best.. live in a bikini!  And of course there will be Ladies Mornings, Girls Days and a few competitions as well!  SO, I need to get fit and into shape.

I started this morning with a nice long yoga session followed by a workout.  Alongside the home workouts, I’ll be wakeboarding and training with Kurup Fit as much as possible.  Its going to be tough but I’m determined to do it!  To be continued..

One thought on “On a mission.

  1. Congrats! Good to hear you are both OK 🙂
    I’ve started preparing to ’13 season in October and still going strong! Hopefully it’ll pay off on the water. If it wasn’t for all these workouts and my couch I’d probably gone insane during this awful long winter.
    Take care!

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