Feeling Good!

399390_10101668895851163_742305760_nIts been just over a month since our baby arrived!  After a fairly lengthy birth followed by a few more days in hospital I can honestly say that I didn’t exactly look or feel my best.  I felt pretty horrendous for a good couple of weeks after returning home!  Here are some things that helped (are still helping) me through these dark, sleepless winter days/nights (they all blur into one)…

Water: Sounds stupid or obvious but labour really messes up your body!  I’m not going into detail but you need fluids, lots of them..

Sleep: Actually I’m not sure why I’ve put this because sleep’s the last thing I get.

Make-up: Its like a mask.  Amazing stuff.  When I’ve had no sleep and needed to leave the house, make-up is my savour.

Moisturiser: The body doesn’t just go back to pre pregnancy shape over night… it needs love, well mine does, and I choose to pamper it with coco butter; loads of it!

Shopping: I am so sick of my maternity clothing!!  As soon as possible I hit the shops to purchase a few items to make me feel a little special.

Hair: Gone are the days of long relaxing showers (only for now, I hope) I am definitely appreciating washing my hair now, feels amazing!

Nails: If I have five minutes to spare I quickly paint my nails as it makes me feel instantly more glam!

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