Winter Training with a Bump

So the photos of me training here might look a little odd.. the reason for this is I’m seven months pregnant!  I haven’t been able to ride much but I’ve been working with my trainer throughout my pregnancy.  We’ve been making sure that I’m doing the right level of exercise and focussing on the joints and muscles I need to keep healthy and strong, and to also deal with the birth!


Obviously its really important to warm up before a work out.  As my pregnancy has progressed, I’ve found that my warm ups have become shorter and shorter because I get out of breath much quicker.  Some of this will be because I’m not doing as much activity so my fitness levels have decreased, but mostly because my lung capacity has shrunk – baby grows up and lungs get pushed out the way!


Sharm and I have been working on keeping my fitness levels up as much as possible.  The main reason for this is for mine and baby’s health, but also to get me through the labour.   Also the better prepared your body is for such an event, the better the chance of a speedy recovery (fingers crossed!!)  So lots of pelvic floor exercises and leg and butt exercises, all focussing around my breathing.

We work through two or three circuits each session using weights, kettlebells, my own body weight and stretchy rubber bands.  Every exercise is focussed on more than one muscle area so that I’m getting the most out of one movement.  Its hard work, and its even harder to see my stamina and fitness levels decrease each session.  This is partly through not wakeboarding, but mostly because the baby sucks everything from my body and so I have less energy to put into working out.  Its difficult knowing how fit you were and what you could do, and then cutting it in half!

Sport wise its been an unusual journey.  The best way I can describe it is that its like being injured!  Since April I’ve not been able to wakeboard properly, I’ve just been able to do laps and little sliders (but now my wettie doesn’t fit my bump which is probably a good thing, but I managed it till I was five months gone!)  I surfed in Portugal and Hawaii which was amazing, but I’d have to sit on the beach now because I can’t lay on a board.. However, wakesurfing was a big help, you can get on the board without laying on it, and the boats only going 10mph – fantastic pregnancy sport!! 🙂

Contact Sharm:

KURUP FIT Personal Trainer

07968 854397

3 thoughts on “Winter Training with a Bump

  1. Hey hun, Well done for exercising during pregnancy – so many of my friends have just given up on exercising when with child but I personally think it must be even more important if you were previously active, to try and keep going! So I’m very impressed you’re doing so well! X

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