Training with KURUP FIT

I recently had another training session with Sharm from KURUP FIT.  This time it was over on her turf which worked out great as I was over in Essex for the opening of Fest Wake with Hyperlite and Mystic, so we all went for a ride after!

We started with a warm up which was a jog, some dynamic stretches, a bit of sprinting and then got straight into circuits.  Sharm trained with us (us being me and another boy – I spent my time trying to ‘win’ but I got my ass kicked!)  It was a really good session as I was always trying to do better than someone else, so I really got pushed as hard as I possibly could.  Music pumping out always helps get you a bit more amped as well!


After the workout, Sharm made sure we warmed down properly and stretched everything out.  I was knackered after this one… I like training one on one, but every now and again, its good to mix it up a bit!


Contact Sharm:

Website – Kurup Fit

Email –

Phone – 07968854397

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