Fest Wake

So fresh off the plane from my surf trip I headed over to Essex to test out the new cable that is Festival Wakeboard Park.  I arrived to find a huge complex filled with restaurants, a cinema, bowling alley, bars, hotels and even a night club!  As you walk through towards the back of the huge building, you come to the Fest Wake’s pro shop which is filled with loads of fun stuff, including lots of Hyperlite and Mystic goodies!

To ride the cable, you head down some stairs to the dock, so the lake sits quite low which is great because it’s sheltered from any wind.  The dock is big and great for spectators, there is also a system 2.0 that can be viewed easily as well.  The cable itself is 11.5m and is tight, so it gives you loads of pull which is great for inverts.  They have five toys in so far (more to come), which are all mellow and good for learning and/or pressing.  Overall, a really fun place to ride – get involved!!

Post-ride smiles with Sharm from KURUP FIT and Sarah Kingdom from Wide-A-Wake.

Thanks to everyone who made it a fun weekend – WaterSports World, Hyperlite & Mystic.  Thanks to Neil Christian for the slider pic! 🙂

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