Ankle Nippers..

I go to Portugal once or twice a year to satisfy my surfing needs without breaking the bank.  It is relatively low budget, warmer than England and the sea doesn’t give you brain freeze, the sun comes out and the waves are usually pumping!  I head to the North of Lisbon to Peniche, which is a quiet fishing town full of, well fisherman, and surfers.  The people are friendly, the seafood is fantastic (and very good value for Euro), and if you see a flashy car, its lost.  Its a brilliant place to get away from the rush of everyday life, switch off and just think about where you’re going to surf next.  I love it!

I wanted to get some better surfing photos but of course when the waves are good – no one wants to be left on the beach with a camera!!  So here are a few of very tiny wave shots…

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