I had my first PT session since my assessment and it was all focussed around an exercise ball!  Sharm had devised a work out for me that I could do in my apartment.  This is beneficial for me because – 1) I’m not a member of a gym  2) I can’t get on the water  everyday  3) I don’t have to leave home which is great when you just don’t feel like heading out!  Every exercise was with the ball, arms, core, back, stomach, legs, butt… you name it!  Sharm pushed me hard as usual.  I couldn’t complete everything she challenged me too, but I managed to nail a few new things which made me happy.  Its so good to feel myself improving and getting stronger every session 🙂


Its been two days since I trained with Sharm and my body hurts!  But, I love that I now have a full body work out that I can do in my own home all year round, and all I need is my exercise ball!

Contact Sharm:

Website – Kurup Fit

Email –

Phone – 07968854397

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