Moonlight Training

After my wake surfing session last Saturday and before my Birthday night out, I managed to fit in some training with KURUP FIT.  The training took place in my neck of the woods which meant we were able to work out right on the banks of the River Thames.

It was a double training session again so Sarah and I got on it. Sharm had devised a new work out for us where we had four stations (per circuit) and she would time us, when the time was up we would rotate on to the next station.  Last time Sarah and I trained together we actually worked together, this time we did the same work out but staggered at different times.  It was good as you were still competing against one another which motivated you to push yourself harder, but didn’t have to use each other to work out (we laugh a lot when doing this).  Training either way is fun and effective, the best thing is that Sharm always mixes it up to keep you interested. We did three sets of circuits which focussed on legs, arms, bum and cardio, strengthening the core was incorporated into nearly every part of the work out.  Here are some pics..



As always, a fun and effective work out, it was nice to be able to watch the sun set over the Thames as well!  Next time I meet with Sharm will be for my assessment to see how much I’ve improved!

Contact Sharm:  Kurup Fit – – 07968854397

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