2011 – my favourite bits

2011 is one day away from being over… it feels like so much happened and went by at the speed of light.  I thought I’d post some photos of my favourite bits from the past year..

Riding the System 2.0 at the Quays with Sarah and Jules in Jan and Feb, freezing but so much fun with loads of front edges 🙂

My birthday!!  Big love to my friends that came to drink Bellini’s with me in Soho, sorry I couldn’t find a pic with everyone in it! xx

A weekend in Geneva staying with my cousin who took me snowboarding x

Heading to Euro-land to find some sun and waves in March…

And finding moments like this to snap… hehe

Heat wave in April and riding in skins!

Getting signed up to Watersports World for Hyperlite and Mystic!! Woop!

Hitting up Oceanfest with Nalu Beads – where Corinne and I spent most of the time eating…

Heading to surf Bude for the first time, and very lucky to be there with a local.

Take That at Wembley and ‘Never Forget’ sung live.. 🙂

Ladies Mornings!! So many new faces this year which was great to see!


New tricks are always welcomed.

Relentless Pro Tour

Boardmasters with Nalu Beads.  Corinne and I got to do the Cadburys challenges and interview Charlie Simpson.  Plus I did a lifestyle shoot with Dragon 🙂

Road trippin through France


Road trippin through South Africa


I’m sure there are many good times I have forgotten to include.. But now onto 2012 to have some more fun times!! xx

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