HOT Sunday Sesh

It was that time of the month again… time for our Ladies Morning at BEP.  It was hot, it was sunny, and it was flaaaaaat.  We had a great crowd of chickadees venturing down from Nottingham and up from WakeMK, and we also had the usual local faces 🙂

Of course it wouldn’t be a ladies morning without some goodies to give away… Emily won the Wide-A-Wake goodie bag as she was getting up on a wakeboard and it was her first time! Vicki won the Nalu Beads prize as it was her first time on a wakeboard and gave it her everything for the two solid hours. Nadine won the Two Seasons vouchers because she was mastering the wakeboard and was getting better each time.  There was loads of other tricks going on though.  We had blind 180s on the wall ride from Kathryn. Sharm was macking at the kickers and throwing scarecrows, people landing the bell for the first time, and even half cabs off the kickers. It was all going off and everyone was having fun.

If you want to get involved, the next chicks shred sesh is at WakeMK on Sunday 17th July, check out more dates on my Girls Only page.

Louise getting ready for some half cab tail grabbing action.

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