FittaMamma Shoot

A couple of weeks back I did a shoot for FittaMamma and SportStylist with the lovely photographer Chloe Lemm.  We literally organised the shoot the previous day because it was the only sunny day showing on our iPhone weather apps.  It was a late afternoon / early evening shoot to get the best possible light available.  Read the article here, and check out some more of the pregger yoga shots below! 

Lex_Fit Mamma_IMG_0206 (1 of 1) copyLex_Fit Mamma_IMG_0101 (1 of 1) copyLex_Fit Mamma_IMG_0106 (1 of 1) copyLex_Fit Mamma_IMG_0113 (1 of 1) copyLex_Fit Mamma_IMG_0163 (1 of 1) copyLex_Fit Mamma_IMG_0180 (1 of 1) copyLex_Fit Mamma_IMG_0239 (1 of 1) copyLex_Fit Mamma_IMG_0125a (1 of 1) copy

The Waiting Game

I haven’t blogged for 11 days which is quite a long time for me.  Its not that I haven’t been up to anything, its more that I haven’t been inspired to write anything at all.  This is what famous authors must feel like when they’ve got writers block; yes because I’m SUCH a famous author.  

I’ve got less than two weeks to go and I think any other mums out there will agree that the home stretch is the worst.

You are massive compared to your normal sized self, you’re uncomfortable in more ways than one, and you can’t groom properly because you just can’t reach/see/bend that way to do any lady like procedures – you try epilating your legs or giving yourself a pedi at nine months pregnant. You also get the lovely Braxton Hicks that you pray will just continue and take you into labour.  Ah imagine having contractions through the night and going into hospital at 6am to have the baby by 8:30am, wouldn’t that be nice.  How was that for you Kate?

You’ve had your hospital bag packed for a month now and its collecting dust.  The baby car seat is out and its just annoying you, sitting there, taking up room.  The action plans are in place for childcare, depending on what day / time things kick off. 

You can’t sleep very well even though everyone tells you to get as much sleep as possible. Yeah, well try getting an unbroken nights sleep while needing to pee every 4 hours (minimum) and then you check on the toddler to make sure they’re still alive.  Then theres the art of getting back into bed while arranging a military formation of pillows around you, and just as you get comfortable, the baby wakes up and kicks you in the hooo ha from the inside.  And the whole time just wanting to punch your husband in the face as they continue to sleep soundly while you take an hour to get back to sleep.

So no, no baby yet and it could potentially be another four weeks if this one is anything like its big brother.  For the sake of my friends and family, I hope it comes tonight. 

Whats scary is that no matter how grumpy or tired or disgusting I feel now, its about to get a whole lot worse.