6 Weeks to go

Second time around I’m much more blasé about the whole recording the pregnancy thing that we all do first time around.  I have’t written down my emotions and craving in a baby book, I haven’t taken weekly photos of my bump while holding up a “16 weeks'” sign and I haven’t recorded my weight.  Its not that I can’t be bothered, its more that I haven’t had as much time with running around after the toddler and I’ve felt sick most of the time so just could’t be arsed. 

However, I found a couple of photos from my first pregnancy and decided to do a comparison.  

Here I’m 30 weeks in both photos, I can’t believe the difference in the two pregnancies! In the photo on the left I look like I’ve just eaten Christmas lunch, and in the second I look ready to pop. 

IMG_7839Here I am with just six weeks to go.  I thought I was much bigger this time (and I definitely was in the above photo), but at 34 weeks, I’m pretty similar to how I was first time around; just far more uncomfortable as the baby is sitting awkwardly – probably a little preview into what its character is set to be! Fun. 


Next comparison will be my due date! 

Here & there

Its been a busy few days what with celebrating my friends wedding n’ all… and it was my very first Indian wedding too!  It was amazing, so much music and bright colours, great food and beautiful locations.  I’m not showing you pics of the actual wedding as that would be weird, but here are some snaps from the weekend.. 

Scoping out the grounds at Hedsor House.


Mocktails which suited me just fine…


Always fun being upgraded at The Grange, St Paul’s, (turns out there are some perks to being pregnant!)


Ahhhhh, so happy.  A lay in, fresh bathrobe and a cuppa in bed.  Bliss. 


Baby wanted eggs, sausage and hash browns… enough said. 


Got a quick peek at St Paul’s before heading home to pick up the lil’ man. 


Easter Giveaway

I’m doing an Easter giveaway over on instagram where you can win the necklace below with the Aussie Nalu Beads

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The winner will be chosen at random, finishing at midnight on Bank Holiday Monday!

Happy Easter everyone! xx