Win a Two Seasons Sponsorship Deal

Enter this skate comp in Nottingham and 1st prize is a Two Seasons Sponsorship deal!!

I’ve been riding for 2S for about three years now and I can honestly say that I love it!

If you want the chance to be their Team Skater, then get up there, show them you’ve got what it takes to win the comp and walk away with new gear! 🙂

Wakepress Mag & Nalu Bead Shoot

Earlier this year I did a shoot for Wakepress and Nalu Beads with Photographer Louis-James Parker.  It was May but it was not exactly one of England finest days.. it was cloudy and my legs were freezing (rest of me was fine in my toastie 4.3mm Mystic suit!) The things you do to get the shoot done!  However, we managed to get a few good photos regardless of the weather.  Here are some shots from that day!

Lil shout out to Mystic who are now on twitter and instagram! @mystic_uk